A fun crossover between DC's Blackest Night and Hallmark/Nelvana's Care Bears.
I am not affiliated with either - though not for lack of trying.
Pimpette battles a Wyrm in the deep tunnels of Hell.
Entry for Pimpette for the annual Miss CG contest (formal wear).
Entry for Vodskof for the annual Mr CG contest.
Entry for Turkish for the annual Thing CG contest.
Siamese fighting fish.
Left side: original blue/grey pencils. Right side: scanned and digitally coloured.
Pumbum: From concept scribbles to final product.
Drawn with black felt-tip pen (or, if you want to be uberprecise, "pigment liner").
Drawn with felt-tip pen, coloured in Photoshop. Made for Keenlace 2008.
He's so nervous.